Happy family painting wall in green.My friends, have you tired of living in a world of “out-of-the-box” decorations? Are you exhausted by the constant game of keeping up with the Joneses? Are you looking for a hope of something new and inspiring that will give you reason to wake in the mornings and work through the day? If you are then it’s time for you to take up your ladder and your brushes, collect your tools and arm yourself for war against the old and mundane! It’s a fantastic day for anyone who wants to see the world anew because DIY has come to stay!

The Time Is Now

What is it about DIY that has caught such a strong hold upon our society? What is it that makes this way of life so delicious to so many homeowners and self-improvement believers? Perhaps it is the fact that in this world of dissent and judgment there is hardly a community to be found that is as supportive and inclusive as those in the legion of the DIY! We live in a wonderful time where social media networks like Pinterest and Facebook have created an environment of sharing and collaboration that compares to no time that has come before. Instead of living on the homestead and being left up to one’s own devices, DIYers can utilize one another’s experiences and projects to find new ideas and improve their own.

iStock_000020623594_LargeIf you’re just joining in the battle don’t worry, you won’t be left behind. As the old adage goes, there’s no time like the present, and trust me it’s true! Today is the best day of all to stretch your wings, flex your creative muscles, and see what you can do to improve the world around you. The best kind of self-help possible is self-reliance and self-improvement and that’s what DIY is all about.

When I found the power of DIY in my life I discovered a thrill and joy for my days and nights. I have been so inspired by the articles that I have read on other blogs across the Internet I decided it was time to create my own. I hope you find the articles on this blog to be in someway beneficial and inspiring. As we encourage each other, work and share, we all benefit and fine new ideas for the work going forward. Together we can get rid of defeatist entitlement and we can remember what it’s like to improve the world through our labors.